I’ve always loved to create my own graphics for websites, videos, even the family photos. One thing that stopped me was the price of good editing software.

In my search for a great editing package I’ve come across a real gem. Paint.NET (sorry mac users – windows only) This software has everything and then some.

The interface is extremely intuitive everything is laid out simply allowing you to easily find the tools you need. It has a thumbnail interface allowing you work with multiple images.


One of the things that is lacking in most imaging programs is layers. This feature makes Paint.NET a step above the competition. Having multiple layers allows you to create some amazing effects.

Another great thing about this program is the active community. If you have a question or are looking for a technique on how to create a certain effect – there are hundreds of users that will answer your questions. They also have a huge set of tutorials created by the community allowing you to get up to speed fast on some of the more advances techniques.

One of the other great features of the program is the effects. You can achieve very professional results with just a few clicks with the effects interfaces.  Developers from all over have contributed some amazing features to the program through their plug-in feature and the greatest thing about them is they are all free!

If your interested in some great imaging software – check out Paint.NET!